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Management Support Services is a small business itself and is committed to assisting other small businesses. We began in 2004 and since then, have grown our client base and become involved in numerous projects - among them, publication services - hence our MSS Publications’ logo on our page. We have experience in website design; commercial photography; desktop publishing; computer support; business support (from taxes to legal concerns - hence, our affiliate Law Depot ads on this page); and business presentations.

MSS (Management Support Services) Business Presentation Design

We can develop a professional presentation whether it is a portfolio of your company; an important quote; a business card or a computer-generated slide show using our professional software. We also design logos; brochures and newsletters.

Commercial Photography

We have years of commercial photography experience. We understand the elements that make a ‘good’ picture. We have hundreds of stock photos to choose from and the technology to take or create even more. Not much point in ordering a website, brochures or newsletters if the photography is poor.

Business & Computer Support

We can assist you in devising commercial lease agreements; insurance policies; basic tax preparations; contracts; rental agreements and procurements. We also provide basic computer support in application installs; computer upgrades; virus removal and general troubleshooting.

MSS Publications was started in 2007 to facilitate the publication of Valerie Wiseman’s first novel “Harbour of My Tomorrows”. That book was quite successful and was later picked up by Flanker Press and re-published. We also published Valerie’s second book
“The Lodger  and Other Short Stories”.

While we do not have printing facilities needed to publish a literary project in house, we do outsource such requirements.

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Website Design

We have designed dozens of websites over the years and continue to do so. We like to design from scratch - not from a pre-designed template - providing you with the website that you can be proud to display. We go through a consultation process so that you have a website without surprises.

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